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The Chamber participated in the Joint Higher Committee Meetings held outside Jordan and in the numerous conferences, meetings, and seminars organized and held abroad either in the Arab or foreign countries. Such meetings provided an opportunity for the Jordan Chamber of Commerce to promote the investment climate in the Kingdom, increase Jordanian exports to other countries, review the investment opportunities, prospects and incentives available in Jordan. The Chamber’s efforts have been quite fruitful in the sense that many Arab investments were launched in the Kingdom and some Arab-Jordanian companies were established such as the Saudi-Jordanian Company. This company will set up investments and go into partnerships with Jordanian companies, particularly as it includes elite businessmen and investors from both of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, and works in cooperation and coordination with the embassies of the kingdom abroad.


        In 2006, the Chamber sought to promote economic cooperation with the Arab countries through the General Federation of the Chambers of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture for the Arab countries who’s Board of Directors met in November 2006 in Amman under the Royal Patronage. In that meeting, numerous issues which lead to boosting the joint Arab economic action were discussed and this is what Jordan has always been keen on doing.


        In 2006, the Jordan Chamber of Commerce cooperated with the private sector’s representative institutions such as the Jordan Chamber of Industry and other associations and societies within the framework of the integrated efforts and roles of all such institutions. This cooperation has been quite successful in terms of enhancing the efficiency of the private sector’s work and participatory relationships with the government, and drawing up the economic and trade policies.


        Insofar as our prospects, as Jordan Chamber of Commerce in 2007 are concerned, I am very optimistic that the economic growth will retain momentum during the year 2007. In 2006, some considerable economic achievements war attained in terms of economic which growth reached 6.3% and  foreign trade growth combining both imports and exports. Last year, the value of national exports was JD 2.902 billion showing a growth rate of 12.9% imports reached JD 8.115 billion realizing an increase of 9%. On the other land, there was a large increase in the volume of investments benefiting from the Investment Encouragement Law amounting to JD 1833 million by the end of the past year indicating an increase of 168% compared to the investments volume by the end of 2005. Yet, the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) foreign currency reserves rose to nearly US$ 6 billion. All these and other indicators point to a continuing pace of the economic activity which will continue during the year 2007.


        It is interesting to point here to our wise Hashemite Leadership’s plans to set up special economic development zones in several governorates of the Kingdom similar to the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ). His Majesty the King may God keep and Safeguard him, has launched a project to establish the Special Economic Development Zone in the Mafrag Governorate. Moreover, there will be in the near future various special economic development zones in other areas after completing the relevant comprehensive feasibility studies. Next year and in the forthcoming years, such zones will constitute important points for attracting further productive, industrial trade, service and other types of investments and will provide quality additions that will enhance the production base, create employment opportunities and contribute to the local communities development. These quality additions made by the development zones will also be useful in terms of distributing the benefits of development fairly, increasing exports and foreign trade in general thereby boosting the economic growth rate. We believe that the Chambers of Commerce in those areas will have an important role to play in backing up and supporting the special economic zones.


        The Jordan Chamber of Commerce will continue to exert efforts and to cooperate with both of the government and the private sector institutions, and to carry out its local, Arab, and international activities for the purpose of accelerating the pace of economic activity and promoting the business environment in the Kingdom.


“And say: Work, so Allah will see your work and (so will) His Messenger and the believers.”


‘Truthful is God Almighty’






Senator Nael Al Kabariti


Jordan Chamber of Commerce






Chairman of Jordan Chamber of Commerce


Nael Raja Al Kabariti




Bright Future for Great Achievements



 The Jordan Chamber of Commerce continued over the past year to play its role as one of the Non-Governmental Organizations as an economically- oriented leader of the trade sector in the Kingdom towards realizing the Chamber’s objectives and carrying out the national march of the socioeconomic development.


        The Jordan Chamber of Commerce sought over the past few years to derive inspiration from the royal directives of the leader of the country His Majesty King Abdullah II, may God keep and safeguard him, who has always been keen on boosting the economic growth movement, activating the economic institutions and sectors along with the community, and improving the citizens standard of living. Indeed, His Majesty is exerting personal efforts in order to realize prosperity in all the fields, make of Jordan a praiseworthy model, and secure a place for the Kingdom on the international investment map, thereby enabling the national economy to integrate into the international economy.


        So, the Jordan Chamber of Commerce has understood the requirements of this phase and His Majesty’s wish to create a very advanced business environment in the Kingdom attractive to both local and foreign investments. The Chamber has, therefore, sought to improve the business environment for the private sector either through the activities organized or through participating in the national, regional, and international meetings and conferences. It is noteworthy to underline the importance of the Chamber’s participation in the activities of the ” We Are All Jordan“ Forum which was held under the patronage and with the participation of His Majesty King Abdullah II and during which various strategies and objectives were drawn up so that Jordan will be able to achieve comprehensive prosperity in all the fields and sectors.


        I believe that the Jordan Chamber of Commerce has carried out throughout this year many activities intended to promote the role of the private sector which is the major driving force of the economic activity. In fact, the Chamber participated in the national efforts exerted to improve the investment climate and took part in discussing and amending some laws and regulations inasmuch as they will be commensurate with the developments both in the Kingdom and in the world and towards serving the national economy’s interests and enhancing investment. The Chamber also participated in the numerous committees formed in the Kingdom to take care of the different affairs and issues related to the private sector. Such committees will consolidate the Chamber’s cooperation with the government, particularly the Ministry of Industry and Trade which is the reference authority for the trade sector, along with the other relevant ministries and departments.


        The Chamber participated in the Joint Committee meetings combining Jordan and the Arab and foreign countries, and contributed to organizing the economic fora with some of those countries and mobilized hundreds of Jordanian businessmen and companies within counterpart meetings with the members of the visiting trade delegations and missions. This year, the Chamber received tens of Arab and foreign trade and economic delegations. The Chamber played an important role in explaining the investment advantages and opportunities available in the Kingdom within the framework of its task related to promoting the investment climate as a whole. Yet, the Chamber also signed several agreements for setting up joint business councils with brotherly Arab countries and friendly foreign countries.


        The Jordan Chamber of Commerce continued to carry out its foreign activities throughout the year 2006. So the Chamber participated in numerous activities including the royal delegations under the chairmanship of His Majesty King Abdullah II to some countries, and in taking part in the meetings held under the private sector representatives in those countries, and enhancing cooperation with such businessmen and representatives.


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